PTE Coaching Overview/Online Mock Test

To pursue studies in a predominantly English-speaking nation, proficiency in English is essential. It’s important to evaluate the ability of international students to comprehend and communicate in English to facilitate their academic success. The PTE, or Pearson Test of English, serves this purpose by assessing an individual’s command of the English language. This computer-administered test is recognized globally by educational institutions and is undertaken by students and professionals intending to study or relocate to an English-speaking environment.

At Rebbion Global Education, we provide a specialized PTE preparation course as well as Online Mock Test tailored for Nepalese students aspiring to study overseas.

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How to Prepare forPTE Exam


In the Listening section, candidates are assessed on their ability to comprehend spoken English, as it is used in academic and everyday settings. Test takers listen to a range of recordings, including lectures, discussions, and conversations. They then answer questions based on these recordings. Tasks may include multiple-choice questions, filling in blanks, and summarizing spoken texts.


The Speaking section assesses a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in English in a real-world context. This part of the test is often conducted through a computer and includes tasks like reading aloud, repeating sentences, describing images, and answering short questions. It also includes a personal introduction that is not scored but may be sent to institutions along with the test results.


The Reading section of the test evaluates a candidate’s ability to understand written English in academic environments. It involves various tasks such as reading passages and responding to questions, re-ordering paragraphs to form coherent texts, and filling in blanks within a passage. This section tests a wide range of reading skills including the ability to analyze and synthesize information, identify the writer’s viewpoint, and understand logical arguments.


The Writing section measures the test taker’s ability to produce written English in an academic context. It typically includes tasks such as summarizing written text and writing an essay. Candidates are evaluated on their ability to present a well-structured and coherent argument, use appropriate language, and demonstrate a good range of vocabulary and grammar.

PTE Language Training

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Coaching Time

6 Weeks of Crash Course


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